Your step by step guide to measuring a room size...

To help you measure up and obtain a free estimate follow this simple step by step guide.

Step One
You will need a tape measure, pen or pencil, paper and calculator to hand.
Step Two
When measuring a room, simply measure from the furthest skirting board at the longest and widest points of the room, usually into doorway.
Step Three
Take care to measure into any bay windows and door frames, as the carpet will be fitted under the door.
Step Four
Always add 6cm minimum to both the length and width of your measurements to ensure there is excess for fitting.
Step Five
Our carpets are usually 4 metres in width. Therefore, once you have ascertained the room width, you will need to check that it is less than the width of the carpet you are buying to avoid any joins.
Step Six
Now you have your room size simply request a quote informing us of your flooring choice, measurements and we will provide you with a cost including fitting within 24 hours.


Helpful Conversions...
  • Yard = 0.9144 metres
  • 1 foot = 0.3048 metres
  • 1 inches = 0.0254 metres
  • 1 centimetres = 0.01 metres
  • 1 millimetres = 0.001 metres
  • 1 square yard = 0.83612736 square metres
  • 1 square foot = 0.09290304 square metres

Top Tip

Always begin your measurements in the centre of doorways rather than the bottom of walls.

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